About us

Parents Australia supports parents, families and communities, especially those experiencing disadvantage, to strengthen their engagement in children’s learning and formal schooling.

We know that empowering the confidence and capacity to successfully engage makes a real and very important difference to children’s learning experiences, education outcomes and future opportunities.

Engagement has many positive influences, including on children’s:

  • Early literacy and mathematics development
  • Transition from home-based learning to preschool and school
  • Beliefs about the importance of learning and education
  • Future career dreams
  • Confidence to try and keep on trying
  • Social and relationship skills
  • Academic achievement (grades) and attainment (level of education studied)
  • Access to jobs and other economic opportunities after school.

We strive to affirm the role and strengths of families, to be culturally appropriate so that all program participants feel culturally safe, and to support positive relationships and partnerships between families, schools, educators and communities.

We aspire for all young children and teenagers to be confident, competent, creative and connected.