Our program objectives

Our objectives are based on the knowledge that positive parenting and engagement in learning makes an important difference to children’s development, education experiences and outcomes, and life opportunities.

Families have different cultures, knowledge, experiences, resources, capacities, strengths and aspirations.

We need to value, support and leverage family differences, and inspire and empower family agency in education, to enable children of all ages to flourish and achieve their potential.

Our programs draw on:

  • child development theory
  • behaviour change theory
  • leadership theory
  • parent involvement, engagement and partnership research and good practice.

We aim to inspire and empower family agency in education by:

  • valuing, supporting and leveraging family diversity
  • creating safe conversation and learning spaces for parents, families, schools and communities
  • supporting the right of families to learn about relevant evidence in accessible ways
  • increasing understanding of how children learn and how learning can be supported and extended
  • encouraging interest, confidence and capacity to engage in children’s ‘anywhere, anytime’ learning
  • raising awareness of the importance of high aspirations and preschool/school attendance
  • generating knowledge of how much children of all ages benefit from parent/family engagement
  • engendering confidence to develop positive relationships and partnerships with teachers and schools
  • supporting and developing personal and community leadership.