Indigenous Parent Factor

The Indigenous Parent Factor (IPF) – Successful Learning in the Early Years at Home and School Program builds strong and culturally-appropriate foundations among Indigenous parents, carers and families to effectively engage in their children’s early learning and transition to school.

IPF Community Learning Circles

Our IPF Community Learning Circles share knowledge of how children learn to read, write and do maths and how families can support this learning at home and in community. We also yarn about the very important role of parents and families as first educators, about children’s development and self-esteem, about strong positive talk, and about home-preschool and school relationships.

Developed in close consultation with Indigenous Elders and educators, the IPF program:

  • creates parent and community conversations about the importance of education for children’s lives
  • shares important knowledge about children’s development, and about early literacy and numeracy
  • empowers parents and families to recognise how they already support their children’s learning
  • deepens understanding of how much children gain from positive family and community engagement
  • generates new ideas and strategies for families to think about and try
  • builds the confidence of parents and families to talk with teachers and get involved.

Evaluations of our program confirm it is culturally appropriate and effective. It increases knowledge of important child development messages. It has a positive influence on attitudes about the importance of engaging in learning. It improves participants’ self-efficacy to claim and reclaim their role as first educators, and it encourages regular preschool and school attendance.

IPF Train-the-Trainer Courses

Wherever possible, we employ Indigenous co-presenters and presenters in our IPF Community Learning Circles.

To create and build local and regional capacity, we regularly offer training courses to train and coach new people to work with us in local communities and regions.

The four courses cover different components of the IPF program:

  • 4 workshops – Early Learning, Reading, Writing & Mathematics (3.5 days)
  • 3 workshops – Early Learning, Reading & Writing (2.5 days)
  • 2 workshops – Reading & Mathematics (incl. key development + self-esteem themes) (1.5 days)
  • 1 workshop – Mathematics (incl. key development + self-esteem themes) (1 day)

All courses draw on important research about parent/family engagement and family-school learning partnerships, and have a positive emphasis on empowering leadership.

Training participants receive:

  • a certificate of completion
  • the opportunity to become a co-presenter/presenter of IPF Community Learning Circles
  • support and connection with other IPF training course graduates and the IPF program.

IPF Community Learning Circle and Train-the-Trainer participants have often gone on to reach out and motivate other parents and carers to become more engaged in their children’s learning and more involved with local kindies, schools and community groups.  They often say their participation has made a big difference to them and their children, and that they feel they are doing more for their local community.