Who We Are

Parents Australia Incorporated supports parents, families and communities to engage in children’s learning and schooling.

Research shows that positive engagement makes a real and very important difference to the learning experiences, education outcomes and life opportunities of young children and teenagers.

It has a positive influence on their:

  • Early literacy and mathematics development.
  • Transition from home-based learning to preschool and school.
  • Confidence to try and keep on trying.
  • Social and relationship skills.
  • Beliefs about the importance of learning and education.
  • Career dreams.
  • Achievement (school grades) and attainment (level of education studied).
  • Access to jobs and other opportunities when they leave school.

We value the role and strengths of parents and families. We encourage confidence and capacity building. We offer safe spaces for talking and learning. We support good relationships and partnerships between teachers, families and communities.

We aspire for all young people to be confident, competent, creative and connected.

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Our Board of Volunteers

We aspire to make a small but significant contribution to the world and especially to Australian families and communities.

Shelley Hill

Caz Bosch
Vice Chair and Treasurer

David Williams
Honorary Secretary

Don Ryan

Agnes Weymouth

Nicole Kovacevic

Shefia Nemer-Khoury