IPF Heads Back to New South Wales

It’s a few years since Indigenous Parent Factor train-the-trainer programs have been held in New South Wales so it is great to be back, this time working with the Catholic Schools Office in the Diocese of Broken Bay.

Facilitated by the Chair of Parents Australia, Caz Bosch, Indigenous trainer Danni Hamilton, and the Australian Parents Council’s National Programs Manager, Jacqui Van de Velde, the training created multiple opportunities to share and strengthen knowledge and skills in the areas of early learning, early literacy and early mathematics.

‘I came because I am passionate about helping parents to help their children learn and value learning. Finding out how the program is run and facilitated was interesting. So were the activities and strategies. These programs are really important because they direct parents and carers in a gentle way about how best to help their children without the guilt of finding lots of time. They empower parents and will help to close the gap in education.’

‘I came because I wanted to be further educated in the future. Learning about reading strategies was really interesting and helpful. These workshops allow parents to learn new ways of supporting their children’s learning.’

‘Getting parents involved in their children’s education is crucial. The workshops affirmed that what I am doing is good, and gave me keys as to what I can work on and improve. They empower parents.’

Reflecting on the success of the Broken Bay program, Caz Bosch said it was important to value and amplify the role of parents and families as first educators, to share research and education practice in ways that don’t overwhelm people, and to present learning as a continuous process that happens ‘anywhere, anytime’ – for example, at home and school, in the community, online and within peer groups.