Parents Australia gains funding through The Funding Network

Congratulations to program coordinator Jenni Curtis who gave a winning pitch to The Funding Network to achieve the highest amount of funding ($11,950) at the Perth event for Parents Australia’s Indigenous Parent Factor program. Established this year with very strong corporate backing, The Network operates on a live crowdfunding model.

It describes the rather daunting experience of what we would call ‘pitching with passion for purpose’ in this way:

At each event, three or four social entrepreneurs running grassroots charities (yes, that’s Parents Australia!), non-profits or early stage enterprises pitch for funding. In 6 minute segments, these presenters share their inspiring stories and invite guests to become part of innovative solutions to community issues. Donations start from as little as $100 per person, with the collective goal to raise at least $10,000 for each pitching organisation. Donors are also encouraged to give more than funding and follow up with mentoring, skilled services and in-kind resources to support the causes they feel passionately about.